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Black and white photography in 21st century is considered such a meticulous and respectful art. As we all know, traditional black and white darkroom is almost a lost art these days. However, great appeal of real photographic black and white prints is undeniable. Today, few photographers continue to master both the art of taking nice photographs, developing the films and the craft of printing their work manually. People prefer and highly appreciate the effect of black and white photographs – “the minimised distraction, the emphasis on light, the simplicity of the images and the focus on line and form”. To produce a hand-made black and white photograph, the artist should take that photo by a manual camera with reel film.
Welcome to Long Thanh Art Official Homepage -- official information source about artist Long Thanh and his collections of handmade black and white photographs. Long Thanh’s photos have gained increasing recognition not only in Vietnam but also abroad due to his striking images as well as the meticulosity of the art itself. This kind of art is considered traditional as the ideal of taking photos himself, developing films, printing each of his black and white photographs by hand. Please enjoy your time viewing his images in Gallery and find yourself enraptured with the beauty and exquisiteness of these photographs.
Welcome to Long Thanh Art Official Homepage
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